Dwaraka Movie Review And Rating

Dwaraka Movie Review:

CAST:Vijay Devarakonda, Pooja Jhaveri, Murali Sharma, Prakash Raj, Prabhakar

DIRECTION:Srinivasa Ravindra

PRODUCER: Praduymna Chandrapati,Ganesh penbotu


TYPE Drama

DURATION 2 hours 19 minutes



Erra Seenu, (Vijay Devarakonda) a theif is confused with a god sent because of a series of coincidences thus turning into Krishnananda Swami. Seenu plays along with greed for money flowing like dakshina. Meanwhile, Vasudha (Pooja Jhaveri) a girl he chances on during his days of thieves comes back to worship him and he decides to stay back for her. How Seenu turns a new leaf of his connivance, becomes a do-gooder and gains his love, forms the rest of the story.


First of all, this film was not for Vijay Devarakonda. With all the commercial elements in place – comedy slapstick and dancing around the bushes, Vijay seemed like an inadequate. But again, this may be due to the image he has already gathered. In terms of performance, he delivered. For Vijay, this film only testifies to his talents as a dancer for future prospects.

As for the narration, Seenu goes from a thief to a godman early enough in the film. But just as you think “Oh the story is progressing rapidly,” he slips into the rut of romance, unnecessary comedy up the interval, with just a few scenes with the villain Prabhakar who seems to keep him.

The character of Seenu passes from the rash bandit to a boy in love in no time. His priorities range from money to love all of a sudden and the reason is unclear. He feels the love for a girl he never spoke and decides to give up money, his only motivation to live all these years. Seems crazy. But love is crazy, is not it? Despite this radical change in the attitude of the character, there is absolutely no explanation or context. Meanwhile Vasudha (Pooja Jhaveri) falls for him because he publicly accepts that he is not a godman but a thief. Somehow for once in Tollywood, the reason why the heroine falls for the guy is more reasonable than that of the hero.

The second half of the film has more rhythm than the first. Murali Sharma who plays the whistle against the false godmen, is strangely passionate about the cause. He undresses them with great pomp and spectacle and a ready speech preaching the ills of believing in such persons. Another character whose existence is essential to the intrigue but whose existence is not explained.

Technically speaking, there was nothing striking about it. The fact that the film was made over a long period of time was evident with defects of continuity. The music will not stay with you. You will not remember much.

Dwaraka has an interesting plot and a falsely erratic scenario. It’s almost engaging. You will want to see what happens to this thief who is given such a position of power. But only if you can sit through the two and a half hours of chance.

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