Kanupapa Movie Review

Kanupapa Movie Review:

 CAST:Mohanlal, Baby Meenakshi, Vimala Raman, Anusree, Samuthirakani, Nedumudi Venu



DURATION:2 hours 12 minutes



Kanupapa moviecstory revolves around the four characters Mohanlal, Baby Meenakshi, Samuthirakani and Nedumudi Venu. Mohanlal (Jayaram) plays the role of a visually handicapped lifting operator with exceptional hearing, detection and odor capabilities. Nedumudi Venu (Krishnamoorthy) a retired judge, resides in the same apartment where Jayaram works as the operator of the elevator and the duo gradually develop a great affinity to each other. Impressed by the honesty and kindness of Jayaram, Krishnamoorthy shares his deepest secrets with Jayaram. Unexpectedly, one day, Krishnamoorthy was found murdered in his apartment and thrash cops until Jayaram blamed him for the death of Krishnamoorthy.

Did Jayaram kill Krishnamoorthy? What were the secrets Krishnamoorthy shared with Jayaram? Who could have killed Krishnamoorthy, if not Jayaram? The story also uncovers these plots with the greatest thrill and excitement.


A captivating storyline and Mohanlal’s outstanding actor talents are the main highlights of Kanupapa, the Telugu version of Malayalam nicknamed Oppam film. Although the other actors tried to justify their respective roles, they were unable to reach the standards of action set by Mohanlal. The representation of the characters by the actors, as regards their body language, lacks intensity. The first half of the film beautifully built around the suspense plot of the film, but approaching the second half, the film loses track and stretches scenes unnecessarily. The piece of music of the film is similar to that of the songs of the 1990s, old and slow. The anti-climax scenes are prolonged for no reason and do not have the elements of thrill and excitement. If you have to watch the movie, then it should be only for Mohanlal and the first interesting half of the story.


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