Gunturodu Movie Latest Review:

Gunturodu Movie Review:Gunturodu

GUNTURODU MOVIE CAST:Manoj Manchu, Pragya Jaiswal, Rajendra Prasad


PRODUCER: Sree Varun Atluri


DURATION:2 hours 17 minutes




The film is about Kanna, an angry young man from Guntur, who gets in trouble as the brother of his love of lady wants him dead.


True to the title and slogan of the film, Gunturodu is about a hot guy named Kanna, from Guntur. His pampered education has its impact on his personality and this often happens to him in one problem or the other. However, at a clichéd turn, a girl enters his life and what happens later is someone to guess. A routine story that has nothing to offer, one wonders what excited the casting and the crew.

Once, Kanna (Manoj) enters a huge fight with a criminal lawyer called Seshu (Sampath). While despairing Seshu has thoughts of revenge, Kanna falls in love with the only sister of lawyer Amrita (Pragya Jaiswal). He pursues her and ultimately wins her heart and that is when our hero learns about her bond with Seshu. And after?

Gunturodu, outside the track of the regular formula Telugu channel, has a new angle – shock two characters with similar attitudes. Manoj Manchu, with his excellent delivery of dialogue and struggles, manages to keep the public interested. After a dull and predictable first half, the film resumes the rhythm after the interview and the plot thickens towards the climax.

What the film lacks, mainly, is a striking narration. The characterization of the main roles, also falls flat and at the end of the first half, the story becomes very predictable. The film also does not have a strong history, and the script is quite bumpy. The hero’s comedy track does not click. Except for the first song, sung by Vijay Yesudas, music is not to be remembered either. Award-winning actors such as Kota Srinivasa Rao and Rao Ramesh are wasted in the film. The famous heroine “Kanche” Pragya Jaiswal is limited only to dances and a few non-performance sequences.

The film is made for the mass audience and heads for those who can not hold explicit dialogues. Watch the movie if you’re a fan of Manoj Manchu. For others, the film can be disappointing.

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